Find New Feeds and Get More From RSS

Are you subscribing to the best RSS feeds in your favorite interest areas? Whether you prefer sports news RSS feeds or RSS feeds about food, you have probably realized that a diversified feed is better than seeing the same website content over and over. You might use your RSS to inform your work, or just to keep up on your favorite websites and blogs, but if you only have three feeds subscribed to, then even exciting news can feel a bit stale.

Here are some suggestions to bulk up your feed list.

  • Financial news RSS feed.
  • A quick search for financial news related feeds came back with results for CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal, business news, and Business Week. Anyone that keeps stocks, commodities, bonds, or currencies will find it very beneficial to not have to check the leading websites multiple times a day just to scan for important new updates. Even people just casually interested in financial news can find feeds from, or Money 101, to help them achieve better financial management.

  • Health news RSS feed.
  • Try adding a WebMD feed to your reader, and if you are concerned about the Affordable Health Care Act, then you will be happy to know that has its own feed as well. When it comes to health news, The New York Times, and the major news broadcasting stations provide health related feeds, too. Getting health news delivered daily to your feed can help you make small steps towards big lifestyle changes, or simply keep you connected to big advancements and research surrounding the health issues that are important to you.

  • Sports news RSS feed.
  • If you want more variety in your sports news RSS feed, then consider subscribing to feeds from ESPN, or CBS. Even some local news stations have feeds just for their sports teams, like Seattle. Seahawks or Mariners fans need look no further than the King5 feed. Sports Illustrated Kids has its own feed, so you can keep track of news for the young sports fan in your life. If all the seriousness of the World Series has started to get you down then you might want to subscribe to The Onion feed that focuses on sports.

If none of these meet your needs, then use an RSS search engine to find more. Relying on just stumbling across good RSS feeds once in a blue moon will never get you quality RSS news feeds. Whether you are looking for RSS feed world news related, or something more specific, you have to take a look around online to get just what you want.