Four Myths That Hinder Stock Market Success

According to a 2011 Gallup poll, only 54% of Americans have stock market investments, which is the lowest number since 1999. While economic instability and uncertainties are largely to blame, many are simply unaware of how to use the stock market to make money. If that is the case, then using financial news RSS feeds and other tools is good idea. The best RSS news feeds lists will help individuals find feeds they need to keep up with stock trends and that information could help dispel some common myths that cause people to be struggle with or avoid the stock market altogether.

1. Investing is Like Gambling

Many individuals simply do not want to risk losing their money on a bet, so will refuse to buy stocks. However, the amount of data that financial news RSS feeds and other sources provide allows individuals to stay informed about both the stocks they own and ones that they are considering. Although making accurate predictions is not easy, the ability to do so makes investing in the stock market much different than gambling.

2. The Stock Market is Exclusive

While some capital is necessary for individuals who want to invest, there is no VIP club that has access to the information they need to succeed in the stock market. In fact, not only are prognosticators that might be difficult to afford consistently inaccurate, the development of online trading has opened the marketplace up to the public more than ever before. This means that anybody has the capability to achieve massive stock earnings.

3. Some Information is Sufficient

While it would be hard to argue that having a little knowledge is not better than having no information, incomplete facts or stories can be just as detrimental as they are helpful. Without getting all the facts, individuals might make inaccurate predictions that they think will be wildly beneficial. In order to avoid that problem, using every available resource to get completely informed is a must.

4. What Goes Up Must Comes Down, and Vice Versa

Physics do not play a role in how stocks work. Some might think that a high stock will eventually come down, meaning it is a bad idea to invest, but if they are innovative, its value will continue to grow. On the flip side, there is no guarantee that a small company will ever gain more value, so where a stock stands is not necessarily an indicator of where it will go.